2021: My Dev Journey Plans

2 min readJan 2, 2021

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2020, you really really sucked…

Still, November was good; NaNoWriMo was a success for more me and I really enjoyed myself. I got way more done than I anticipated. But obviously, there is a lot to be done… and before I can get started I’ve made the decision to put Project Life on hold.

The reason being is that I’m being realistic. This is the first game I’ve ever created (though not my first attempt, more on that later maybe…), and created a fully-fledged RPG Farming simulator with little to no experience is ambitious at best.

It’s obviously not impossible, look at Stardew Valley made by Concerned Ape; one guy made that, though it seems that he had a higher level of knowledge of programming than I do. But despite my passion, ambition, and drive (which is still there, despite the Christmas break), it makes more sense to me to work on a new project; codename Project Cocktail.

And yes, I already have an idea what kind of game it’ll be, and I’ve even made a start on it in the first few weeks of December. It will be a visual novel-esque game and act as a prequel to Project Life. Heavily influenced by the incredible game Coffee Talk by Toge Productions, a great homage to the show Midnight Diner directed by Joji Matsuoka which follows the business of a mysterious chef known as the Master, whose diner opens it’s doors for customers at Midnight and closes at 7am.

My game will be set onboard the Maddison as she begins her voyage to Unknown Cluster Alpha 5.0. The player will assume the role of a Bartender who, due to the ship regulations against the consumption of alcohol during duty hours, opens a cocktail bar called Twilight, to ease the concerns of the crew. The characters the player interacts with will be the Madison crew and will make appearances in Project Life also.

It’s a simpler concept and should be an easier game to complete compared to Project Life, and once I’ve finished it, I’ll have the understanding of how a finished game is made and the confidence to continue with Project Life. That’s the hope at least. Either way, I’m excited to get started! I hope to bring you more information and maybe the first glimpse of Project cocktail in the coming weeks.