GDevelop 5 Learning #2 + Lore/Story Ideas

Thu. 9/10/2020:

I’ve made some progress and I’m super proud and excited!

I’ve created a small section of a farm as the starting testbed area and I’m ready to watch the second tutorial. In fact, I’ve started it and then decided to pause and sort out the animation and movement of my character (rather than the NPC chicken as per tutorial).

I managed to add in the animation sprites, create the events and now my character can walk about and has walking animation of up down left and right.

Pretty good going for an hour’s work.

During a shower (shower thoughts), I had a great idea of populating the town with our collective D&D characters.

Guldrin the Blacksmith (My Dwarf Fighter)
Dimble the Inventor (My Gnome Artificer)
Neylana the Barista (My Wife’s Elf Rogue and inspired by Aubrey Plaza’s Scott Pilgrim Character)
- she’s mysterious and there is a backroom that when the player approaches it, she yells abuse. Turns out she and a Changling Alara (My friend’s Sourcerer) have a Secret Detective Agency business (inspired by Chuck)

That’s where my mind went so far but think it’s a neat way to include unique characters in this D&D/Fae/Sci-Fi world. At the end of the day, we spent ages coming up with a backstory for them, why not use them!

I’ve got ideas on how to make all these themes work and besides I want some Lightsabres and Phasers in the game!


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