GDevelop 5 Learning #3 [Penzu]

Sun. 9/13/2020:

I forgot to write this on… Friday? Maybe.

I completed video two of the tutorial series I found. Which doesn’t sound that impressive as they aren’t too long, but it’s because I’ve been pausing it and tweaking and adding stuff improving the elements from the tutorial which is s great.

I’m also checking out an example template of an isometric game on how the collisions and movement animations work.

I’ve got some enemies and some chickens moving about but the animations aren’t working like the player animations. I think it’s because it’s using the pathfinding method of movement rather than top-down.

I’m sure there is some info somewhere on how to get it working.

This is the last of my Penzu Blogs; I did record another video afterwards after making a bit more progress: