Lack Of Progress [Penzu]

Oct 31, 2020


Before I share this one, I just want to Caveat this with a statement:

I have a lot of hobbies and interests and my mind can never decide which to commit to. I’m a cronic ‘un-finisher’; so many of my projects and goal are left anbandoned and this Penzu post is a little insight into this…

Sat. 8/15/2020:

I’ve been building Star Wars Legion miniatures for the past few weeks. Plus I’ve been prepping for today’s D&D.

I’ve not thought about game design. Plus I’m still in the mindset that it’s JavaScript and therefore I should be at work learning and not doing it in my spare time.

This obviously needs to change otherwise I’ll never make progress.

I get obsessed with things (right now, it’s Divinity Original Sin II) and so I’ll drop everything for this one thing (In the above case, it was Star Wars Legion) and then lose all interest in anything else.