NaNo Day 13 — Project Life: Opening Cutscene

I’ve had a really long session today; took a long time faffing with dialogue speeds, parallax scrolling backgrounds, figuring out automation etc.

Essentially I’ve created the beginning of my game; the voyage of the Starship Maddison and the Players Origin Story! To re-iterate, my vision is to create a Sci-Fi Fantasy Game, blending both Sci-Fi and Fantasy in one beautiful mish-mash of wonderfulness.

It’ll be very Life on Mars; is the player in a Coma? Dead? Sent hurtling back in time? Who knows! Well… I know… but that’s spoilers!

Thanks to ‘’ for the Pixel Space ship parts I used to craft the Maddison (I will create my own textures at some point once I actually have more gameplay firmed up) and ‘The Game Dev’ for the Parallax Scrolling tutorial on YouTube.



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