Nov 16, 2020

2 min read

NaNo Day 16 — Project Life: New Tileset + Tweaks

Long day so I’ve not done much in the way of games design in GDevelop 5, but I have been creating tilesets:

Start of my farm Farm Tileset

This first one is the start of my unplowed fields and obviously the edges of the grass.

I’ll also need a tileset for grass (and other surfaces) and for the plowed earth.

The dirt went through a few renditions, as I put it into the game engine to see how it looked and my first iteration made the field look very busy:

The first iteration of the Dirt Tileset in GDevelop

I think it doesn’t look too bad, it may even be the disparity between the ground and the style of the main character sprite. It makes me want to work on some sprites of my own…

In addition to the above, I also tweaked my Maddison tileset.

I noticed the bottom of the wall was missing for the slopes.

I also created a couple of detail tiles that I had in my head. These (in addition to others) will be added onto the existing floor tiles to add a more depth and detail to the scene.

Or at least that's the idea…