NaNo Day 18 — Project Life: Additional Objectives & Tileset Integration

So today I wanted to get straight into GDevelop 5 and implement some quest activities. But when I loaded it up, I was greeted with the borrowed textures and so I decided to integrate mine tilesets into the game engine. This took… some time…

fig. 1 Old Tileset showing short wall

I then noticed that my walls we shorter than I expected them to be and so, I went in to tweak the tilesets.

As you can see in fig. 1 here, the bottom of the walls also encompasses some of the wall texture.

Whereas in fig. 2 you can now see that I’ve fixed this issue and made the walls bigger and cleaner in my opinion:

fig. 2 New Maddison Tileset with larger walls and a horizontal and vertical “topdown” tile

I also noticed that I didn’t have anything to put in place of a wall that's supposed to be above the player meaning that you shouldn’t see the wall so I created those in the tileset as well.

It’s because of all the work above that I didn’t have a great deal of time (or energy) to do much GDevelop’ing. But I at least have the begins of a quest for the player after the cutscene ends.

I'm attempting to make a game...