NaNo Day 22 — Project Life: Tilling 2.0

1 min readNov 22, 2020

I’ve been working on implementing two external extensions in GDevelop 5 today:

CreateMultipleCopiesOfObject — enabled the creation of multiple objects in a shosen number of rows and columns. This will provide the options of increase the amount the player can till based on skills and hoe level.

SnapToGrid — creates a virtual grid and snaps (separate, created objects) into place on a specified pixel wide grid. Without this, the CreatedMultipleCopies of Object extention was creating overlapping tilledCropObjects.

Two fantastic extensions that work a treat, but unfortunately I’m still having issues selecting specific instances of objects, even though they now each gets created with a unique BatchID.

Looking through forums, it seems to be a limitation of GDevelop and there are ways around it but so far, nothing is working. I might actually post onto the forums with my specific issue and see if I can get some assistance. Incidentally, if anyone reading this has any idea, please leave a response!