NaNo Day 23 — Project Life: Inventory System 2.0

1 min readNov 23, 2020

Made a lot of progress today with an inventory system. Lots of trial and error but I’m pretty pleased with the results.

Day 23 Progress Video

I’ve made a selector for the inventory; when you open the inventory a little box appears and you’re able to move the box around. No other functionality but I was pleased to get it actually working.

I’ve also re-written the rules when I pick up objects and this now works to a certain extent. I can pick up about 3 objects and then it starts trying to place them outside my inventory. I actually tested it out with the Debugger, and every time I collide with a pickupable (is that a word?) object it’s actually creating multiple instances of my grid of 30 inventory slots. That's where its actually adding the items when I’ve picked up 3 or more.

Nowhere in my code is it say create these objects; I did have a CreateMultipleObjects rule in there but I removed it. I’m wondering it's still part of the rules somewhere like a line of ghost code.

Despite the set back I’m properly chuffed with my outputs today!