NaNo Day 25 — Project Life: Player Sprite Tileset

2 min readNov 25, 2020

I started my Player Sprites today!

First Draft of the player sprite for Project Life.

I’ve been super excited to start drawing my own sprites for the player and couldn’t hold off the itch any longer. It’s very clean… it might need some more detail but this will come later once it’s in the engine.

Following the great tips from Alvin Roe in his amazing Beginner Pixel Art Tutorial — A Complete Guide video, I’m planning on creating one frame of each animation that I need for the gameplay to work and focus on that.

I will have a lot (A LOT!) of pixel animations to do as well as a motherload of sprites to create as I want the player to be able to create their character in their own image; I want them to be free to pick their colours, outfits and more importantly how they present to others be it female-presenting or male-presenting.

The current state of my Player Tileset

Alongside that, I also want a handle of different races to chose from heavily inspired by D&D. I have 8 in mind…

The four I’ll be focussing on initially will be Human, Elf, Dwarf and Uranian. That’s right… Aliens exist and they're from Uranus. (I promised myself not to make any butt jokes…). If/when I have time, and an actual game to add them too, I’ll also be adding Avian, Dracus, Felian and Automians races to play as.

There will obviously be visual differences between them, and I have vague notions of different skill trait differences for each of the 4–8 races. Again… once I have a game, this will all, hopefully, fall into place.