NaNo Day 26 — Project Life: Tilling Revisited

1 min readNov 26, 2020

I was pretty positive about the progress I made today, but… I spent the majority of it trying to fix random bugs in the events.

The Tool Swap events were initially only swapping between 2 and 0. So I couldn’t switch to my Sword or my Seeds which I planned on assigning to 3.

So I then had to look into why it was doing that and ended up re-working the logic of switching tools and went through 3 different methodologies only to find that none of them was working as I intended.

To top it off, the variable to add 1 to switch the variable kept skipping numbers, despite having the trigger once rule on it.

So that's why I’m a little grumpy in the video 😊

Day 26 Progress Video

On the plus side… I did manage to get it working. Seeds were planted. But there’s also an issue with the rate at which I lost seeds. I’m wondering if there is a rule in there to only plant them while next to a tilled field. I would have had more time to test if I wasn’t troubleshooting the Tool Swap so much. I know that I’ll definitely have to put in a rule that if the field is already seeded then don’t discard a seed. I’m sure I can fix it.