NaNo Day 27— Project Life: Troubleshooting

2 min readNov 27, 2020

I decided that today was a bug fixing day, but after a morning run in the cold and the frost, I was inspired to make a footprint animation that follows the player. This was actually surprisingly easy to implement (see snippet below).

Rules for basic bootprint effect in GDevelop

I then got back on track and spent the first part reading back through these blog post and picking up any issues I came across.

Day 27 Progress Video

First, one that was outstanding was the light moving across the screen and the Day and Night Cycle.

The second was to fix a bug in the tool switching, which is a recent bug but it was the next one I came across in my Day 4 blog. I decided that this would be a good opportunity to implement the Hotbar properly and have that as the tool select rather than just a variable that was currently broken.

I first amended the item pickup rules on the tools currently active (Hoe, Sword and Seeds) to also have them show on the Hotbar. As you can see from the video that that also has some kins to work out.

The real problem was getting the selector to work, despite having successfully implemented the same style selector on the inventory. I lost patience with it but I a have a feeling I’m pretty close to figuring out the issue, but that's for another day.