NaNo Day 29 — Project Life: Opening Scene Tweaks and Overview Prep

1 min readNov 29, 2020

Its the penultimate NaoWriMo finale!

And I’ve been pretty much Game designing all day! It’s a good feeling.

I’ve been trying to bring together all elements of what I’ve been working on all November together so that tomorrow, the final day of NaNo, I can showcase all the features I’ve created this month.

With that in mind, today has mainly been spent on the opening scene, tweaking dialogue and events to run in sequence and not skip bits.

I’ve managed (after several run-throughs) to get the initial quest complete and then set up a trigger to run a second “cutscene” which then ends by opening up the cutscene where the player wakes in a field, which then links to the main farm scene.

Tomorrow (after work) will be spent polishing everything up and hopefully ending with a run-through of all the features and mechanics I’ve created.