NaNo Day 30— Project Life: Final Day of NaNoWriMo: An Overview

2 min readNov 30, 2020

I thought I’d be more excited… 🤔

First of all… I just want to express how proud I am of myself; not only did I stick it out for the whole month, but I hit the ground running and for the most part, achieved way more than I’d ever anticipated.

Day 30 Progress Video

Don’t get me wrong… I know that I’ve bearly even scratched the surface. What I’ve done is bearly a game, it’s rough, it’s buggy and it’s all over the place! But its mine! It’s an achievement that I’ve really enjoyed working on.

And this should be my key take away. I could quite easily walk away from this idea and never design again. But this whole process has been eye-opening. Not only have I really enjoyed myself throughout (despite the MASSIVE frustrations I’ve faced), but I’m actually pretty good at it. If I was to compare my skills and experience of GDevelop on Day 1 to now… I’d be shocked at what I’ve learnt. I’m not naive though… I’m still a total noob to the whole concept of indie games design, but this experience has given me this urge to pursue this passion more and try to properly commit to this project and try to make this game a reality. So I’m going to try and keep going. Not every day like I have been… I definitely need a break. But I think I might try to keep up a weekly blog. It’ll be interesting to see what changes I can implement in a week. And who knows, I might even get some readers interested in my game!

For those tiny minority of people that have stumbled into my blog and have enjoyed reading; stay tuned. Give me a follow and hopefully, you’ll be able to track my progress on this mammoth task I’ve set myself. Until next time! 😉