NaNo Day 7— Project Life: Grid System for Hoe

Happy N7 Day!

Today I was hoping to include something more Sci-Fi but this Hoe Functionality was a bit of a pain and actually still isn’t quite how I’d like it to be.

Day 7 Nano Progress Video

I ended up creating a new scene to test a theory and have essentially created a grid of empty objects that when “selected” will change to tilled land.

But… GDevelop doesn’t have a very thorough method of selected specific instances of objects. It means I need to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to achieve my desired outcome. But I’m sure there is some confounded logic that will work.

I’m not sure whether it’d be best to have each object in the grid as a unique object; for example gridPlot1 to gridPlot64. It would mean the rules would need to be duplicated a bunch of time, but I would at least be able to say if gridPlot1 and gridPlot2 animations are set to 1, set gridplot2 animation to 2.

Might park this for now and implement something a little different for tomorrow.

I should go…