So below is my first Penzu post. Nothing really noteworthy but it was my first attempt to cement something in place. Almost as if writing it down made it a promise to myself to commit to the idea.

Sun. 7/5/2020

This weekend I started planning (another) new game:

Why are you starting this writing journey?

I’m looking to keep myself motivated and hold myself to account to my games development

I want to make a game.

I always have.

So my new idea is a hybrid or Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and Coffee Talk.

I created a Game Overview Document which outlines the main feature I want to include and downloaded GDevelop, which is meant to be a good 2D Development program for beginners.

With my growing knowledge of JavaScript and the fact that I have more time with the Lockdown because of Covid-19, I’m hoping I can keep myself motivated and work on this as a serious project.

I’ve since created a Game Design Document using a great app called Nuclino. That’s where all my concepts about the game and how it’ll work are stored. Penzu offered me a sounding board to update myself on progress made.

I hope the Medium will continue to offer that and hopefully grow my enthusiasm for my game, codename Project Life.